Here's What Our Students Have to Say

Bagan Mongolian Systems was created with the students in mind. It's simple and easy to follow curriculum will have you interacting with native Mongolian speakers as if you had been learning the language for months! This is the ultimate survival guide every new language learner needs and what every rusty speaker will be thankful for!”

Kaelynn R. Williams

This program made the study of the Mongolian language much less intimidating than I imagined it to be. Amalia's enthusiasm for the language and clear, concise teaching bolstered my confidence, even when I felt like I was tripping over consonants and pronunciation. I feel more prepared to travel to Mongolia and be able to communicate with the people I meet”

Pauline M.

As a professional linguist, I'm extremely impressed with this learning system. I've studied Spanish, French Italian, Hebrew, German, Russian, Chinese, Catalan, Portuguese among others in the past, and every language takes time to learn, but this system allows students to save time on the basics, and empowers them to be conversational, while still making mistakes, but being well understood by native speakers. I feel that the system is designed to give you the tools to be conversational in Mongolian in a short period of time. With time and dedication, naturally, fluency becomes better. Don't be intimidated by the rare sounds founds in the language, if you practice you'll get there. This is the best Mongolian learning system the market has to offer, so take advantage of it!”

Joshua Vence, MBA

I cannot recommend this program enough! I think anyone interested in Mongolian culture or languages in general will find this program immensely helpful. Mongolian has a reputation for being an incredibly difficult language, but this was not my experience at all. I learned more during 10 days with Amalia than I did during entire semesters of language work. Each lesson was packed with information but also very straight-forward and concise. Amalia has a talent for grouping and breaking down grammar in a way for English speakers to comprehend. She's given me the tools to communicate about complex topics after just five lessons. I feel confident that with just a bit of practice, I'll be able to navigate a variety of situations on my own. Bayarlalaa! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.”

Conny Z.

long-song learner / Mongolian music researcher

“Although I love Mongolia and have visited several times, before taking this class I was always intimidated by how difficult the language seemed, and never managed to learn more than a few basic phrases. I was skeptical about how much I'd really be able to learn in a 5-hour course, but this course is unlike any other language class I have ever taken. Instead of focusing on stock phrases like so many other beginner classes, this course explains the key building blocks of the Mongolian language, like sentence structure and verb tenses, in a way that is simple, clear and easy to follow. During the course, I not only learned enough Mongolian to carry on a conversation, but also learned core concepts which I can now use to continue studying on my own. If you have any interest at all in learning Mongolian, I highly recommend this class!"

Saadiah Freeman

“I have attempted to learn the Mongolian language with three different programs before this program. All other programs left me feeling confused, overwhelmed, and defeated. Everything just begins swirling in my head but nothing comes together. I thought it was just me. I though I wasn’t able to learn Mongolian. This approach blew my mind. From the first lesson I felt I was able to understand structures in the language. It felt playful and fun to learn in this program. The lessons made sense. I didn’t have even one moment of feeling overwhelmed or confused. The Bagan Mongolian Systems program is truly remarkable. There is no other program out there that can offer such high quality lessons for immediate use. I left feeling a sense of mastery. I absolutely feel confident to try speaking to native Mongolian speakers for the first time.”

Frances Ulman, PhD

“Thank you! I've been trying to find good resources for learning Mongolian for a long time. Even being in Mongolian-speaking places has not turned about anything nearly as useful or accessible. I feel confident that I can go out on the street and start speaking simple sentences now, which is great.”