About Us

Bagan Mongolian Systems was founded in 2020 as an innovative, intensive, structure-oriented language workshops for learning Mongolian as a foreign language.

Our Goal: To get students conversational in Mongolian as quickly as possible and have students comfortable speaking, working, and socializing in Mongolian language environments.

This system is based on learning patterns, not learning phrases. This way, each learner has the tools to build any phrase or concept with any vocabulary they want. By teaching students a new way to think about Mongolian language and structure, they will not be limited by cookie-cutter phrases. Instead students can build the vocabulary they need, whether they want to discuss computer security concerns, buying souvenirs, or daily life.

What are Bagan? Bagan are the two pillars in the center of a Ger (the round Mongolian and central Asian felt tent, commonly known by the russian word "Yurt".) The Bagan are absolutely necessary to building the ger. Without these basic structural forms, nothing else can be built. But once the Bagan are in place, the rest of the ger structure can be built, then the covering, and finally whatever furniture or decoration you like. In fact, once the ger is built, the Bagan can be removed and the Ger will still stand.

Bagan Mongolian Systems wants to provide you with the same pillars of language. With BMS, you will be able to build up to whatever level of Mongolian you hope to achieve in any way you want to achieve it. How you build and decorate your "ger" is up to you. But we will give you the necessary structure to guarantee a strong foundation from which anything can be achieved.

What Does the Bagan Mongolian Course Provide?

In our foundational Mongolian course, you will learn all of the necessary structures to discuss past, present, future, desires, needs, habits, and more. You will be given the tools to express virtually any ideas in Mongolian from the start and to be immediately conversational with nothing more than a vocabulary source on hand. In terms of grammatical structure, the BMS Foundational Course teaches the equivalent of approximately three semesters of university level Mongolian. Furthermore, by teaching you new ways to think about Mongolian language and recognize the patterns inherent within it, you will more easily be able to pick up new, and more complex, grammatical structures on your own and without instruction.