About our Founder

Amalia Rubin founded Bagan Mongolian Systems in 2022 based on her own experiences and struggles learning Mongolian. Amalia first went to Mongolia in 2013, speaking no Mongolian whatsoever and was thrown in headfirst, living with a Mongolian family. After quickly becoming proficient in Mongolian, she completed her Master's Degree at the University of Washington looking at revivals of indigenous traditions in Mongolian and Tibetan communities.

It quickly came to Amalia's attention that the current systems for teaching Mongolian concentrated on vocabulary and phrases, rather than learning the tools that would allow new speakers to express themselves creatively. She then spent more than 5 years developing a new way of learning Mongolian that relies on understanding how the language works, versus memorizing cookie-cutter phrases. Through hard work and experimentation, this then developed into Bagan Mongolian Systems.

Amalia is currently a PhD student at the University of Leeds, and works as a consultant and professional Tibetan-English interpreter. As a self proclaimed "Language Nerd", she is functional in 8 languages