Is this Program Right For Me?


  • This program is a grammar and structure program. Want to learn vocabulary? That’s what dictionaries and websites and apps are for. But you can’t do anything with vocab unless you have structure. On the other hand, if you have structure, you can pop in any word from a dictionary and express anything you want.

  • This is not a phrase book. If you are looking for a simple phrasebook to carry around to use in restaurants and hotels, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of those on the market. Get one of them. This program is for people who want to learn to communicate in Mongolian and not be limited by memorized phrases.

  • This is not an academic program. In fact, this program probably has some things that are technically wrong! Why? The same reason English speakers learn "I before E, except after C." It's also technically wrong, but it is a great tool while you are learning. So no, you won't get technical perfection (yet!), but this program will get you speaking and understood. Also, language is a living thing, and this represents living, spoken Mongolian. Sometimes that means things that aren’t 'correct' from a classical, prescriptivist standpoint.

  • This program is for people who believe that communicating well is more important than technical perfection. If your goal is technical academic perfection, please enroll in a college course. If your goal is speaking to Mongolians in day-to-day life and being understood and understanding others as fast as possible, then this program can help you.

  • This program won’t take you all the way to the end. The best way to learn a language is immersion. But immersion is scary and many people can’t face those first few weeks of terrifying lack of communication. This program will give you the foundation you need to communicate well in Mongolian. From there, you can dive in head-first. Live in Mongolian society! Make Mongolian friends! Speak Mongolian in an immersive environment! And from there, you can improve even to fluency.

If you want to communicate, make mistakes, learn from them, get a foundation, use that foundation to speak to Mongolians in Mongolian, jump into a 100% Mongolian language situation and see if you’ll sink or swim, then this is the program for you.