Bagan Mongolian Systems

A New Way to Learn Mongolian

Bagan Mongolian Systems provides an innovative new approach to learning spoken Mongolian. Our goal is to bring students to being conversant in Mongolian in the quickest possible time. Through our emphasis on structure, building, and new ways of thinking about language, we give our students the tools to express themselves creatively.

In just 5 modules, coming to less than 10 hours, students will learn the equivalent of 2-3 semesters of Mongolian grammatical structures. Lessons are directly applicable and allow students to start speaking Mongolian in Mongolian intensive environments immediately with nothing more than a dictionary!

With Bagan Mongolian Systems, you will not be held back by cookie cutter phrases. Instead, you will be given the foundation you need to express virtually anything and build the vocabulary that is right for you. With nothing more than the BMS course and on-the-ground practice, you will be able to easily achieve conversance and eventually fluency.